Lot GVA.13: Surma Gesha 1931 Natural

Coffee and cupping details


This coffee is produced in the Natural process - the coffee bean is dried inside the cherry as the whole coffee fruit. Its dried on raised Africa beds directly in the sun for the first 10 days, then shade-dried for an additional 20 days.

Bags: 0
Weight: 264.55 lbs
Score: 88.55
Cupping notes: Slightly wild, fruity aromatics. Deep flavors of dried apricot and mango. Lingering notes of dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut and mango. Yellow grapefruit acidity with the delicate zest of meyer lemon.
Harvest Date: 2/17/2021
Varietal: Gesha 1931

Farm details

Top Performing District: Surma
Processing Method: Natural


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