Lot GVA.6: Oma Gesha 1931 Carbonic Fermentation Natural

Coffee and cupping details


This coffee lot is produced by fermenting freshly harvested coffee cherry in sealed tanks anaerobically with the addition of carbondioxide. After the completion of the 60 hour fermentation, the coffee cherry is taken to raised African beds and dried as Natural process for 33 days.

Bags: 0
Weight: 264.55 lbs
Score: 89.75
Cupping notes: Persistent sweetness elevated by fruity flavor notes of black mission fig, dark chocolate, plum. Refreshing, malic acidity with notes of pineapple and red apple. Delicate aftertaste of nectarine and peach.
Harvest Date: 12/28/2020
Varietal: Gesha 1931

Farm details

Top Performing District: Oma

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