Reviving a Region The Story of Gesha Village

Welcome to Pride of Gesha

We are celebrating the 4th auction; offering the world-renowned coffees of Gesha Village Coffee Estate. Gesha Village is the result of our pursuit for coffee perfection. We built our farm from the ground up with the sole purpose of helping to develop a community by growing extraordinary coffee. Since 2017, our annual auction has offered coffee lots with unparalleled flavor profiles which have won the hearts of coffee aficionados around the world.

The 2020 Pride of Gesha auction features three categories: Champions Reserve, Farm Reserve and Innovators Reserve.  On August 12, 2020, we invite coffee buyers from around the globe to take part in our auction and experience the best Gesha the world has to offer—the Pride of Gesha.



Our founding partner Rachel Samuel was born in Ethiopia, but we discovered the country anew when we came here in 2007 to make a documentary about Ethiopia’s amazing coffee. During this process, we developed a passion for the country, its people, and its coffee industry. That path quickly led us to Willem Boot, the San Francisco Bay Area-based coffee educator well-known for his passion for the Gesha variety. As Willem taught us the fundamentals of growing and evaluating coffee with a quality focus, the shadow of Gesha loomed large over our conversations.



Returning to Ethiopia

We soon returned to Ethiopia to find suitable land to launch our coffee venture growing Gesha. For months we searched for the perfect spot—one with high elevation, ample rainfall, temperate climates, and other crucial natural factors needed to produce coffee of excellent quality. We found it in Bench Maji. While the untouched landscape provided us with the unique opportunity to build the coffee farm of our dreams from the ground up, it offered us something else one-of-a-kind: Close proximity to the Gori Gesha forest, the variety’s birthplace and site of the Panamanian Gesha discovery in the 1930s.



We quickly got to work, harvesting a seed selection of wild Gesha plants from the Gori Gesha forest. With that prized stock in hand, we then spent month after tireless month turning our remote piece of land into a working coffee farm capable of producing some of the world’s best Gesha coffee. In the process, we’re helping to create a coffee industry in Gesha’s birthplace. Western Ethiopia has historically been largely disconnected from the global specialty-coffee market, but now world-class Gesha coffee is available just a stone's throw from where the variety originated.


A Humble Story

Developing Gesha Village has been a humble story of revival, community, and innovation. We know this is truly just the beginning, though, and we’re excited to continue sharing this journey with the specialty-coffee community.

- Adam Overton, Rachel Samuel and Willem Boot, Gesha Village

Honoring the terroir, the ancestors and the wondrous forest

We are proud of the strong relationships we have developed with the Meanit people, the local inhabitants and ancestral protectors of the land on which Gesha Village is built. The Meanit people account for a considerable portion of the Gesha Village workforce, and the collaboration we have had growing together has been rewarding to all of us. In the past year’s auction, we applied 10% of the auction proceeds to strengthen this community further. We have broken ground on the construction project of the school near the town of Gesha which will become a vital addition to the community. The school will be built to the government standard in Ethiopia, with four classrooms for grades 9 and 10 (with 40 students per classroom), an administration room, library, laboratory, meeting hall, restrooms, and rooms for teachers and staff.

Responding to the needs of the community, the 2020 Pride of Gesha auction will help support the expansion of the high school and our dedication to support the local community.




Pride of Gesha Categories

Champions Reserve

The Champions Reserve category in the 2020 Pride of Gesha auction features the very best by Gesha Village Estate. Every lot selected for Champions Reserve has achieved a 90+ score and boasts extraordinary attributes in the cup, from signature jasmine and honeysuckle aromas to delicate, complex fruit notes of bergamot, strawberry, peach and papaya. Champions Reserve lots feature extraordinary and truly memorable flavors.


Farm Reserve

The 2020 Farm Reserve lots are astoundingly balanced and sweet with aromatically driven expressive flavor profiles. All Farm Reserve lots have been evaluated at 88 points and above. Intense fruit flavors and expressive aromas characterize the Farm Reserve coffees, making for a memorable taste journey you’ll be proud to share with your customers.




Innovators Reserve

With the diligent care of our quality processing specialists, we have been able to develop highly advanced protocols to highlight the unique characteristics of our heirloom varieties. For this year’s Innovators Reserve category we applied proprietary processing methods including cherry selection, fermentation and drying protocols, which provide extra depth to the flavor notes of Gesha Village coffees. The Innovators Reserve pays a profound sensory experience that provides tribute to the unique characteristics of our coffees.