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Congratulations Auction Winners!


We are pleased to announce another successful auction in 2019. Auction winners from around the world will now be able to enjoy our delicious coffees. We sincerely would like to thank all of the participants for your support as we continue to work diligently on our coffees in the hopes to bring better and more exciting flavors to you every year!


Adam, Rachel and Willem


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Welcome to Pride of Gesha, the new auction site offering the world-renowned coffees of Gesha Village Coffee Estate.

Since 2017, Gesha Village has offered our very best quality, most prized coffee lots via the Gesha Village Coffee Auction, which has attracted hundreds of participating coffee buyers from around the world. For 2019, the Gesha Village Coffee Auction is now known as Pride of Gesha.

Gesha Village is our pride and joy—we built our estate from the ground up with the sole purpose of helping to develop a community by growing extraordinary coffee.

On June 4, 2019, we invite coffee buyers from around the globe to take part in our auction and experience the best Gesha the world has to offer—the Pride of Gesha.

From the Auction Manager

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 Pride of Gesha, the third edition of the Gesha Village Coffee auction.

This year, our quality control team evaluated more than 130 lots, selecting a limited number of top quality lots—those scoring 88 points and above—for auction. Pride of Gesha features three carefully chosen categories: Champions Reserve with seven lots of our very finest; Farm Reserve with 13 super-specialty lots; and Innovators Reserve with only 6 exclusive experimental offerings. 

Ten percent of the proceeds from the 2019 Pride of Gesha auction will go toward building a high school for the young people in the Meanit community, who inhabit the land on which Gesha Village is built.

It has taken an extraordinary amount of passion and effort to produce the stunning coffees we will have on offer at the 2019 Pride of Gesha auction. We can’t wait for you to join us on June 4, 2019, to discover what we’ve created.

—Willem Boot, Gesha Village

Champions Reserve

The Champions Reserve tier in the Pride of Gesha auction collects the absolute best coffees we have produced at Gesha Village in the 2018-2019 harvest season. Every coffee selected for Champions Reserve has achieved a 90+ score and boasts extraordinary attributes in the cup, from the signature jasmine aroma of Gesha to delicate, complex fruit notes of strawberry, peach, papaya, and beyond. Consuming a coffee from the Champions Reserve lot means embarking on a flavor experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Please note that we have seven 120kg Champions Reserve lots, each of which is split into 60kg lots. Hence, the auction will have a total of 14 60kg Champions Reserve lots.


Farm Reserve


Our Farm Reserve coffees on offer at Pride of Gesha are ultra-distinct, super-high-end offerings that we’ve evaluated at 88 points and above. Intense fruit flavors and expressive aromas characterize the Farm Reserve coffees, making for a memorable taste journey you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

We are offering 13 120kg lots of Farm Reserve coffees in the 2019 Pride of Gesha auction.









Innovators Reserve

As the specialty-coffee world has grown more sophisticated, it’s become clear that post-harvest processing plays a key role in increasing coffee quality. However, with our new Innovators Reserve tier in the Pride of Gesha auction, we’re taking that concept to a new level. Our signature, proprietary processing methods use inventive techniques in fermentation, drying, and beyond to introduce wildly complex flavor notes to the coffees of Gesha Village. The Innovators Reserve provides a profound sensory experience that only enhanced processing methods can create—it’s unmistakable and possibly the future of coffee.

Innovators Reserve coffees are available in 120kg lots in limited quantities—check back on auction day for the exact numbers of lots on offer.


Strengthening the Community

We are proud of the strong relationship we have built with the Meanit people, the local inhabitants and ancestral protectors of the land on which Gesha Village is build. The Meanit account for a considerable portion of the Gesha Village workforce, and the money they’ve made from coffee production has helped them enrich their community.

In the 2019 Pride of Gesha auction, we are using the opportunity to strengthen this community further: Ten percent of all auction proceeds will go toward building a high school in the area that will serve five kebele (neighborhoods); this is a multi-year project that we began in 2018.

The school will be a vital addition to the community: Currently, education in the area continues only to eighth grade, and the closest high school is located more than 60 km away. When we spoke to the community about conducting a local project, they told us a high school was their top request. The school will be built to the government standard in Ethiopia, with four classrooms for grades 9 and 10 (with 40 students per classroom), an administration room, library, laboratory, meeting hall, restrooms, and teacher and staff rooms.

When completed, the high school will increase opportunities for children in the Bench Maji area. We are very excited that the 2019 Pride of Gesha auction will help support this worthy cause.