Gesha Village Coffee Auction 2018

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Auction overview

Lots: 31
Bidding starts: 20 Jun 2018 09:00:00 BST
Ends: 20 Jun 2018 13:29:27 BST

Auction Date and Time

The auction will be held on:

  • June 4, 2019, 9:00AM (London) BST
  • Taipei & Hong Kong: June 4, 4:00PM
  • Sydney: June 4, 6:00PM
  • Tokyo & Seoul: June 4, 5:00PM
  • Los Angeles: June 4, 1:00AM
  • New York: June 4, 4:00AM

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(The 2019 auction guide will be published soon)

Lots in this auction

Lot Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
GVA.RSV.13198.41lbs$0.25$105.00/lb$20,833.05Gori Gesha RSV 1 Natural Shewa-JibabuBrew92FINISHED
GVA.RSV.23198.41lbs$0.25$62.25/lb$12,351.02Gori Gesha RSV 2 Natural Shewa-JibabuHazel & Hershey Coffee RoastersFINISHED
GVA.RSV.33198.41lbs$0.25$49.25/lb$9,771.69Gori Gesha RSV 3 Natural Shayacoffee treasures for SazaCoffee, D’Angelo Coffee and T.S.E custom roasterFINISHED
GVA.RSV.43198.41lbs$0.25$48.00/lb$9,523.68Gori Gesha RSV 4 Natural BangiAwesomeHunter Source Co.FINISHED
GVA.RSV.53198.41lbs$0.25$75.25/lb$14,930.35Gesha 1931 RSV 5 Natural (greenhouse dried) SurmaPing Chung Enterprise Co. LtdFINISHED
GVA.RSV.63198.41lbs$0.25$46.75/lb$9,275.67Gesha 1931 RSV 6 Natural SurmaGrand Cru Coffee Ltd, Valley Coffee RoastersFINISHED
GVA.RSV.73198.41lbs$0.25$45.00/lb$8,928.45Gesha 1931 RSV 7 Fully washed OmaHazel & Hershey Coffee RoastersFINISHED
GVA.014264.55lbs$0.25$51.25/lb$13,558.19Gori Gesha GVA 1 Natural Shewa-JibabuGrand Cru Coffee Ltd, BlendIn Coffee ClubFINISHED
GVA.024264.55lbs$0.25$45.00/lb$11,904.75Gori Gesha GVA 2 Natural BangiBlack Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
GVA.034264.55lbs$0.25$40.00/lb$10,582.00Gesha 1931 GVA 3 Natural OmaM.A.I.F.Trading Co.,LtdFINISHED
GVA.044264.55lbs$0.25$40.50/lb$10,714.28Gesha 1931 GVA 4 Fully washed SurmaHARU International Corp,FINISHED
GVA.054264.55lbs$0.25$41.25/lb$10,912.69Gesha 1931 GVA 5 Fully washed NarshaPebble Coffee for Le BoBo and Urban Coffee RoasterFINISHED
GVA.064264.55lbs$0.25$33.00/lb$8,730.15Gesha 1931 GVA 6 Natural SurmaHelen Coffee co.FINISHED
GVA.074264.55lbs$0.25$40.25/lb$10,648.14Gesha 1931 GVA 7 Natural OmaCoffee GraffitiFINISHED
GVA.084264.55lbs$0.25$31.25/lb$8,267.19Gesha 1931 GVA 8 Natural OmaGrand Cru Coffee Ltd, 隔壁工坊 GeB Coffee, Vincent Roasters ClubFINISHED
GVA.094264.55lbs$0.25$32.00/lb$8,465.60Illubabor Forest GVA 9 Natural GayleeAccro CoffeeFINISHED
GVA.104264.55lbs$0.25$31.50/lb$8,333.33Gesha 1931 GVA 10 Natural NarshaKYOWA'S COFFEE CO.,LTDFINISHED
GVA.114264.55lbs$0.25$31.75/lb$8,399.46Gesha 1931 GVA 11 Natural SurmaME LAN ENTERPRISE CO.FINISHED
GVA.124264.55lbs$0.25$36.50/lb$9,656.08Gesha 1931 GVA 12 Honey Process SurmaTreeswind Coffee CompanyFINISHED
GVA.134264.55lbs$0.25$60.25/lb$15,939.14Gori Gesha GVA 13 Natural BangiINFINITYFINISHED
GVA.144264.55lbs$0.25$42.50/lb$11,243.38Gori Gesha GVA 14 Natural Shewa-JibabuKYOWA'S COFFEE CO.,LTDFINISHED
GVA.154264.55lbs$0.25$31.00/lb$8,201.05Gesha 1931 GVA 15 Natural SurmaVolcafeFINISHED
GVA.164264.55lbs$0.25$27.25/lb$7,208.99Gesha 1931 GVA 16 Natural SurmaCloud Pink KoreaFINISHED
GVA.174264.55lbs$0.25$31.01/lb$8,203.70Gesha 1931 GVA 17 Natural OmaBrew92FINISHED
GVA.184264.55lbs$0.25$40.25/lb$10,648.14Gori Gesha GVA 18 Natural Shewa-JibabuTreeswind Coffee CompanyFINISHED
GVA.194264.55lbs$0.25$29.00/lb$7,671.95Gesha 1931 GVA 19 Natural OmaVolcafeFINISHED
GVA.204264.55lbs$0.25$28.50/lb$7,539.68Gesha 1931 GVA 20 Natural OmaCompound Coffee Co. and Two Hands FullFINISHED
GVA.214264.55lbs$0.25$26.75/lb$7,076.71Gesha 1931 GVA 21 Natural SurmaEastern Air Link Trading Co.,LtdFINISHED
GVA.224264.55lbs$0.25$29.75/lb$7,870.36Gesha 1931 GVA 22 Natural OmaCommon Grounds Coffee RoasterFINISHED
GVA.234264.55lbs$0.25$25.00/lb$6,613.75Gesha 1931 GVA 23 Natural NarshaWhite owl coffee COFINISHED
GVA.244264.55lbs$0.25$31.25/lb$8,267.19Gesha 1931 GVA 24 Fully Washed OmaGBTFINISHED
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