Pride of Gesha Auction,Tribute to Oma, 2021

1st July, 2021 | 9:00 AM (London)

We proudly announce the 5th edition of the Gesha Village Coffee auction. This year, our quality control team evaluated more than 120 lots, selecting 21 top quality lots - scoring 88 points and above - for auction.

Our Selection for this auction

Pride of Gesha presents two carefully chosen categories: Champions Reserve; our very finest, featuring 7 lots divided into 2 equal parts, and Farm Reserve with 14 super-specialty lots.

Order your sample set

Ordering samples allows you to taste any coffee before the auction and be ready to bid!

Sample fee: $295 per set

You will receive a complete set of 21 samples of 125g each, plus a hand-made tote bag. International shipping is included!

register and order your sample set

It has taken an extraordinary amount of passion and effort to produce the stunning coffees we have on offer at the 2021 Pride of Gesha auction. Order your samples now to discover what our team offers this year.

Willem Boot - Auction Manager